Green Jobs – How the Energy Transition Creates New Employment Opportunities?

In the face of global climate challenges, the energy transition is no longer just a trend but a necessity. The processes occurring within these changes also impact the job market, creating new “green” positions. For years, the ecological revolution has opened new doors for workers at various levels and in different sectors.

Green jobs refer to positions that directly or indirectly contribute to environmental improvement and energy efficiency. These can include roles in renewable energy, waste management, and organic farming. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO) report, by 2030, up to 24 million new green jobs will be created worldwide.

Poland also witnesses a growing trend in this regard. In 2020, the number of people employed in the renewable energy sector increased by 15%.

One of the most promising and rapidly growing sectors in the country is photovoltaics. Companies in this sector alone employ engineers, technicians, marketing specialists, sales professionals, and project managers. The recycling market is also expanding, offering job opportunities at both operational and managerial levels.

When it comes to preparing for a green career, many sources highlight three fundamental pillars: education, networking, and practical experience.

These involve taking actions such as:

  • Investing in courses and skill development.
  • Participating in eco-related training and sustainable development programs.
  • Engaging in the activities of environmental organizations and groups.
  • Building connections with industry professionals.
  • Taking part in internships and volunteering with organizations offering green job opportunities.

All these actions, guided by conscious development, emphasize that the modern definition of the energy transition considers not only environmental protection but also a genuine opportunity for professional growth. Green jobs have become an integral part of the energy transition and a future that is already materializing.

It’s worth noting that green energy not only generates new employment but also acts as an engine for innovation. The transition not only aids in addressing the climate crisis but also stimulates creativity and ingenuity. This makes a green career a path where groundbreaking technological solutions are born.


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