Can you imagine life after coal?

Yes, it’s possible! Discover life after coal.

The Frog Boiling Syndrome

Are We Getting Accustomed to Climate Change?

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Welcome to the website of the ‘Life After Coal’ project. We’re happy you’re here! We’ll show you how life after coal might look like.

What exactly is ‘Life After Coal’?

‘Life After Coal’ is a project aimed to support the community of residents of Eastern Wielkopolska. It promotes knowledge and eco-development.

Why is the change so important?

The energy transformation is the only way to the clean future for us and generations to come.

See how your city might change!

The project involves limiting the use of non-renewable energy resources while maintaining the energy security.

See how it might look like!

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Syndrom gotującej się żaby

The Frog Boiling Syndrome – Are We Getting Accustomed to Climate Change?

The contemporary world is facing one of its most serious challenges – climate change. Earth’s climate system, a dynamic and intricate system, is constantly undergoing transformations.


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