Spotkanie komitetu

Steering Committee Meeting

The first meeting of the project steering committee was held on 28 September. The main topic was green standards, i.e. environmentally friendly measures.

Konferencja inaugurująca

Inaugural conference in Konin

The inaugural conference of the project “Life After Coal PL – Implementation of the Climate Neutrality Strategy for Eastern Greater Poland 2040” took place on 29 June in Konin. The main part of the conference was preceded by a meeting of the Steering Committee. Letters of appointment were issued. During the conference, the action plan […]

Spotkanie konsorcjum

Project consortium conference

On 1 June 2023, a project consortium meeting was held at the Poznań Science and Technology Park.

Oficjalna inauguracja

Official launch of our programme!

The official launch of the Life After Coal programme took place at the Marshal’s Office of the Greater Poland Region in Poznan. More than 30 municipalities will participate in the project. The main goal is to achieve climate neutrality in Eastern Greater Poland.