Spotkanie komitetu

Steering Committee Meeting

The 2nd meeting of the Steering Committee of the project took place on 28 September. Main topic of the event was green standards, i.e. pro-environmental activities. The meeting was attended by Jacek Bogusławski, member of the Greater Poland Voivodeship Council and the Chairman of the Committee. Additionally representatives of individual project partners were present.

During the meeting, the main issues related to the implementation of the project so far were discussed. The progress of work and the activities carried out so far by the partners were presented.

Joanna Furmaga-Stoczkiewicz – President of the Board of the Polish Network of Associations – gave a lecture on green standards in the organisation of events. She presented proposals for pro-ecological solutions to be applied.

The Polish Green Network Association, in cooperation with the EcoDevelopment Foundation and the Aeris Futuro Foundation, has prepared a publication entitled “Green Standards in the Organisation of Events”. This publication shows that it is possible to organise an environmentally and climate-friendly event. The main premise of sustainable meetings is to minimise the impact on the environment at every stage of its implementation.

The committee not only discussed issues such as the impact of the climate crisis but also what needs to be done to reduce the carbon footprint. This relates to the project’s activities and the importance of green transformation in the Eastern Greater Poland. The project’s activities and the promotion of green practices are aimed at a sustainable future for society as a whole.

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